Ancient Ruins on the Mediterranean
  • Wilhelm Gail
  • Munich 1804 - 1890
  • Ancient Ruins on the Mediterranean
  • Watercolour over pencil, on vellum
  • 200 × 301 mm
Walter Bareiss, Munich

In accordance with his dual training in architecture and painting at the Munich academy, Gail early on made a name for himself as an architectural painter. Intensive periods of study in Italy (1825 to 1827) and Spain (1832 to 1833) gave him material to draw upon for the rest of his life, both for his own paintings and for series of graphics, such as those for C. Frommel’s edition of “Picturesque Italy” (Leipzig, 1840) and “Memories of Spain” (Munich, 1837). For this reason, Gail preserved the bulk of his travel sketches throughout his life.