Landscape with Farm
  • Gabriele Münter
  • Berlin 1877 - 1962 Murnau
  • Landscape with Farm, 1925
  • Watercolour on paper,
  • estate stamp on the verso
  • 219 × 283 mm
Gabriele Münter- and Johannes Eichner-Foundation, Munich

This view of a farmhouse in front of summer pasture fields provides a further, almost exactly contemporaneous, testament to Gabriele Münter’s engagement with themes from her local surroundings as well as the renewed energy of her draughtsmanship.

From the electrical pole to the dung heap between two barns to the poultry pecking at the ground farm life is revealed in all its facets, before the gaze opens up to the pictorially dominant saturated green of the undulating Alpine foothills. By contrast, the blue sky serves again only the function of a frame.