Nyassa, seated at a table
  • Georg Tappert
  • Berlin 1880 - 1957
  • Nyassa, seated at a table, after 1925
  • Watercolour over pen and black ink, on white paper
  • signed on the upper left: Tappert, inscribed and signed on the old mount: Nyassa / Tappert / Negerin I
  • 328 × 250 mm
Estate of the artist, Berlin

At the encouragement of Max Liebermann, Georg Tappert began his art studies in 1900, first in Karlsruhe and later in Weimar. The gallery owner Paul Cassirer devoted a solo exhibition to him as early as 1905, but Tappert nevertheless moved back to the artists’ commune in Worpswede. He first began his career as a painter and art teacher in Berlin in 1909. After 1937, the Nazis forced him into domestic emigration.

The dark-skinned artist Nyassa was one of his favourite models in the late 1920s.