Autumn at Sèvres
  • Gabriele Münter
  • Berlin 1877 - 1962 Murnau
  • Autumn at Sèvres, 1907
  • Gouache on black cardboard,
    upper margin irregularly cropped,
    preparatory study for the linoleum cut H14
  • 114 × 177 mm
Dr. Hans Konrad Roethel, Munich
House catalogue no. 11,
Helms no. 14,
Hoberg/Friedel no. 13

This high-contrast preparatory drawing for the first linoleum cut of the group “Autumn Evening at Sèvres“ from 1907 (Fig.1) exemplifies Gabriele Münter’s masterful handling of that printing technique. Alongside Kandinsky, she perfected her means of expression in both coloured woodcuts and linoleum cuts primarily during their time together in Paris.

The pictorial framework in white gouache shown here represents a first stage for the various plates for the fore- and background, as well as the coloured states (Fig.2). The elevation of this technique from a medium of reproduction to an autonomous work of art is already palpable in this sheet.