Boat on the Elbe beach near Hamburg
  • Johann Hermann Carmiencke
  • Hamburg 1810 - 1867 Brooklyn, NY
  • Boat on the Elbe beach near Hamburg, 1833
  • Pen and grey ink over pencil, grey wash, on vellum
  • monogrammed, dated and inscribed on the lower right: H.C. 1833./Elbstrand
  • 248 × 191 mm

Hermann Carmiencke received his artistic education in Dresden from Johan Christian Dahl (1788-1857), upon whose recommendation he transferred to the Academy in Copenhagen in 1831. After working as a drawing instructor for the Schönburg counts in Wechselburg, Carmiencke ultimately settled in Copenhagen in 1840. Soon thereafter, he was appointed as court painter to King Christian VIII.

The upheavals of 1848 spoiled Europe for him, however, and in 1851 Carmiencke emigrated to New York, where his landscape pictures were received with great euphoria. Later, Carmiencke was heavily involved with the foundation of the Brooklyn Academy.