View in a baroque Park in Fulda
  • Franz Skarbina
  • Berlin 1849 - 1910
  • View in a baroque Park in Fulda, 1899
  • lack chalk on paper, on an old mount
  • signed, inscribed and dated with chalk on the lower left: F. Skarbina / Fulda. 99.
  • 186 × 265 mm

Franz Skarbina approximates the work of Adolph von Menzel (1815-1905), his role model in Berlin, with this rare landscape drawing. Both the choice of coarse chalk and the dynamic strokes of this study bespeak the artistic influence of the generally admired doyen of Prussian draftsmanship. The same applies for the artist’s selection of viewpoint. Skarbina is clearly less interested in a representative depiction of the baroque architecture of the surroundings; his greatest concern relates far more to the old tree in the foreground and the play of light and shadows between its leaves. Only the stone baroque sculpture to the right gives a sense of a greater garden setting.