Memories of Capri
  • Franz Skarbina
  • Berlin 1849 - 1910
  • Memories of Capri, 1883
  • Watercolour and gouache on paper, inscribed with pen and ink
  • monogramed, inscribed and dated in red: F. Sk. / Capri 83
  • 350 × 250 mm
Georg Malkowsky: Franz Skarbina in Deutsche Kunst, Berlin 1898,
vol. 11, no. 17, p. 321-323, ill. p. 330

In contrast to his nature study of the beach scene, Franz Skarbina introduced two protagonists from the legendary artistic atmosphere on this island in the watercolour Memory of Capri, Skarbina thus documented here two of his artistic colleagues, Alessandro Altamura (Florence 1855-1918 Paris) and Othmar Brioschi (Vienna 1854-1912 Rome), in full size in front of the private guest house of the local notary Giuseppe Pagano, identifying the men represented by their names. Shown in profile and hedged in by the right edge of the image is the painter Brioschi, who had been awarded the prestigious national prize in Vienna the year prior and who would permanently settle in Rome in 1885. While the momentary nature of the situation depicted here appears to hinge especially on this figure, it is Altamura who gazes directly at the viewer, thoughtfully and calmly, rather like a complement to his painter friend. Even the Italian’s elegant clothing contrasts with that of his Austrian colleague in his knee breeches and walking shoes.