1877 Gabriele Münter is born in Berlin on February 19th.
In 1884 her family moves to Koblenz.
1897 First private lessons at a women’s art school in Düsseldorf.
1901 Training in Munich at the ladies’ academy under M. Dasio and A. Jank.
Woodcut-course with the graphic artist E. Neumann.
1902 Münter receives instruction from Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) at the “Phalanx-Schule,“ painting excursions together in the Alpine foothills, engagement in 1903.
1904/05 Travels with Kandinsky in the Rhineland, Holland and North Africa (Tunis), followed by Dresden and Rapallo.
1906/07 Shared period of study in Sèvres and Paris.
1908 First apartment with Kandinsky in Munich, in late summer an extended period of study in Murnau with Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin.
1909 Founding of the “New Munich Artist’s Union,“ first exhibition. Münter purchases a house in the Kottmüllerallee in Murnau.
1911 Kandinsky founds the periodical “Der Blaue Reiter“ with Franz and Maria Marc, August and Elisabeth Macke, Alfred Kubin and others, but there is soon quarreling among the artists; Kandinsky, Münter, Marc and Kubin resign.
1913 Münter’s solo exhibition in H. Walden’s Gallery “Storm” in Berlin.
1915/16 Stay in Stockholm, visit from Kandinsky and shared exhibitions.
1917/20 Gabriele Münter lives alone in Copenhagen, numerous solo exhibitions.
1920 Return to Berlin, then Munich and finally Murnau in the summer.
1925/29 Move to Berlin, where Münter meets the art historian Johannes Eichner in 1927. Only sporadic visits to Murnau.
1929/30 Shared stay in Paris and the south of France. from 1931 Return with Eichner to Murnau, extensive renovation of her house in 1936.
Numerous individual exhibitions in all of Germany.
1939/45 Münter and Eichner live in retirement and under financial constraints in Murnau.
1949 Participation in the exhibition “Der Blaue Reiter” in the Haus der Kunst, Munich.
from 1950 Renewed solo exhibitions in Germany, art prize from the city of Munich in 1956, Münter donates works from Kandinsky to the municipal gallery.
1962 Gabriele Münter dies on May 19 in Murnau.