Kandinsky playing the Harmonium
  • Gabriele Münter
  • Berlin 1877 - 1962 Murnau
  • Kandinsky playing the Harmonium, 1907
  • Colour linoleum cut,
    state proof on Japanese paper,
  • monogram lower left on the plate,
    cat. raisonné-no. 12,4
  • 140 × 124 mm
Dr. Hans Konrad Roethel, Munich

This representation of Münter’s music-making partner in their shared apartment at Sèvres dates to 1907 as well.The instrument would later find its place in the music room of the newhouse at Murnau, until Kandinsky reclaimed it among his other belongings in 1927.

A sheet with various studies of Kandinsky’s head (Lenbachhaus, Munich, GMS 1092) is known to be a preparatory study for this print, along with two pencil drawings of the whole composition, which Gabriele Münter preserved in two separate sketchbooks (for one, see Fig.1).

Along with the linoleum cut shown here, there exist only three further examples of this depiction, each however in a differently coloured version.