Three Siamese Pages
  • Jacques Edmond Leman
  • L’Aigle / Orne 1829 – 1899 Paris
  • Three Siamese Pages, ca. 1867
  • Pencil on paper, squared for transfer,
  • signed on the lower left: J. Leman
  • 260 × 295 mm
Didier Aaron & Cie., Paris / New York, 1999
Private collection, New York

At the Paris salons of 1867 and 1868, Jacques Leman exhibited three thematically related paintings depicting visits by the ambassadors of the king of Siam to the court of Louis XIV and conversely by the envoys of the French king in Ayuthaya (exhibiton nos. 945, 946, and 103).

The detail study shown here of three Siamese pages was squared and numbered for transfer to the canvas.