View of Dresden
  • Adrian Zingg
  • St. Gallen 1734 - 1816 Leipzig
  • View of Dresden, 1798
  • Pen in brown and black ink, with brown wash,
    on beige paper,
  • signed and dated on the right: Zingg. 1798
  • 395 × 612 mm

In 1766, Adrian Zingg, a long-time collaborator of Johann Georg Wille in Paris, was invited to Dresden and appointed as a teacher at the newly founded academy of art.

His teaching quickly became a focal point for landscape drawing, with Zingg seeking out his subject matter in the picturesque surroundings of Dresden or on extended travels around Saxony.

Zingg also frequently depicted the famous panorama of the elector’s capital itself. As is the case with this drawing, he sought out persepctives from the lefthand side of the Elbe (see Fig.1). Here, the viewer glimpses Dresden’s silhouette from the former Ostra pastures, with the Hofkirche in the center, the castle spire to its right, and the dome of the Frauenkirche, completed in 1743, behind the first arches of the Augustus Bridge.