Nude Study of a Wrestler
  • Hans von Marées
  • Elberfeld 1837 - 1887 Rome
  • Nude Study of a Wrestler, ca. 1883
  • Charcoal and pencil, on light brown vellum
  • 480 × 293 mm
Estate of the artist,
Conrad Fiedler, Munich (1841-1895),
Mary Balling, Partenkirchen
(previously married to C. Fiedler),
private collection, Karlsruhe,
private collection, Munich
J. Meier-Graefe, Hans von Marées, Sein Leben und sein Werk,
Munich/Leipzig 1909, Vol. II:
Maler und Bildhauer - Studien für Plastik
no. 718, p. 476

Marées made this powerful drawing in Rome, where he settled in 1875 after working in Naples ( frescoes in the Zoological Station) and Florence. It belongs to a group of studies of the same subject and reappears on another drawing (Fig.1). In terms of style it is equally comparable to his studies for such themes, characteristic of these productive years, as The Golden Age, The Judgement of Paris or Horse Guides.