Old ferry house in Dresden-Loschwitz
  • Richard Müller
  • Tschirnitz / Bohemia 1874 -1954 Dresden
  • Old ferry house in Dresden-Loschwitz, 1935
  • Pencil on strong paper with irregular borders
  • inscribed, dated and signed:
    Loschwitz 1935 Rich. Müller
    inscribed, dated and signed again on the verso:
    „Altes Fährhaus“
  • cat. rais. Z 1935.62
  • 150 × 180 mm
estate of the artist

The Old Ferry Estate likewise remains standing on the banks of the Elbe River in Dresden-Loschwitz. This traditional half-timbered house, which dates back to 1697, accommodated the families of each successive ferryman, who had the exclusive privilege of crossing over to Dresden-Blasewitz until the Saxon-Bohemian Steamship Company took over the service in 1862. Other illustrious personalities from Dresden‘s cultural life have lived here too, including the painters Anton Graff, August Böckstiegel, and Conrad Felixmüller, as well as the famous director of the city museum, Matthias Griebel. To this ensemble of buildings depicted at Friedrich-Wieck-Str. 45 belongs the ferry house itself, which dates to 1730 and was converted as early as the mid-19th century for summer guests. It still stands today, and is used as a private residence.