A Farmhouse near a Brook
  • Jean-Baptiste Huet
  • Paris 1745 - 1811
  • A Farmhouse near a Brook
  • Black chalk, partly heightened with white,
    on blue paper, on an old mount
  • 243 × 352 mm
Sale Christie’s, Paris, November 2002
Alice H. Barker, New York

Huet was the scion of a painting dynasty and himself passed on his talent to several sons. His own teachers and advisors were Jean-Baptiste Leprince, François Boucher and Nicolas Bernard Lépicié.

In his 1769 reception piece for the Royal Academy in Paris, Huet already established the central themes of his artistic career, namely pastoral landscapes and naturalistic depictions of animals.

Huet liked to choose coloured papers for his drawings, in order to strengthen the atmosphere of the composition. In addition, he animated the majority of his depictions with staffage figures taken from everyday life on the farm.