Hilly Landscape near Munich
  • Franz Innozenz Kobell
  • Mannheim 1749 - 1822 Munich
  • Hilly Landscape near Munich
  • Brush and sepia, brown wash, on laid paper
  • 155 × 198 mm
From a dispersed album of the artist
with watercolours of the same size and technic

The first of these very private works, which the artist himself kept in separate albums, date to shortly before 1800. They document Kobell’s quiet turning away from the ideals of Claude Lorraine toward a free and almost impressionistic manner of painting, which in an astonishingly modern fashion allows contours to dissolve and places emphasis upon contrasting effects of light. All the subjects are actual impressions of nature from the surroundings of Munich, where Kobell had settled upon his return from Rome, as a result of the princely family of the Palatinate’s succession to the Bavarian throne in 1778.