Forest Superintendent G. von Dietz
  • Johann Georg von Dillis
  • Grüngiebing 1759 - 1841 Munich
  • Forest Superintendent G. von Dietz
  • Watercolour over pencil, on paper,
  • old inscription with pencil on the verso:
    G. v. Dietz, Oberforstm.
  • 297 × 216 mm
Fritz Hasselmann, Munich (died 1890), (Lugt 1012),
his sale with H. Helbing, Munich 1892 / 1894

The multi-talented Georg von Dillis left behind an impressive life’s work that bespeaks his diligence and feeling for the developments of his age, one that is still of great importance for his native city of Munich. The art-historical education of the aristocracy and the Bavarian ruling family counted among his tasks, as well as the development of an academy of art. From the inspection of newly secularised artworks to advising the royal collections on purchases, from administering various palaces around the whole country to structuring great museums such as the Pinakothek, Dillis carried out his different duties with an innate talent for organisation and great artistic feeling.

Nonetheless, he never lost his closeness to the people and his deep love of nature. As son of the prince-elector’s forester, his painted oeuvre gave a special place to the landscape and people of his native Bavaria, as is shown by this rare figure study of a royal official, who radiates the look of the late eighteenth century.