Three tall Sailboats of the Genovese Fleet
  • J. A. Antoine Roux the Elder
  • Marseille 1765 - 1835
  • Three tall Sailboats of the Genovese Fleet, 1798
  • Watercolour over black chalk, framing lines with brush in black, on paper
  • stamped and dated on an old mount: Tiré d‘un Carnet d‘Etudes d‘Ant. ROUX Père/Marseille - 1798,
    inscribed and dated below on black wash: – Antoine Roux Flotte Génoise -1798 –
  • 178 × 246 mm
Collection Fabre, Marseille

Antoine learned to love and to draw imposing boats from all over the world by spending time at his father Joseph Roux’s (1725-1789) nautical store in the Marseilles harbour. From there he quickly developed a profitable profession and made a supra-regional name for himself as a marine painter. Later, his depictions of epic naval battles were especially famous, and Antoine always found eager patrons despite all the political chaos. His three sons continued this family tradition.