Murnau at the Harvest
  • Gabriele Münter
  • Berlin 1877 - 1962 Murnau
  • Murnau at the Harvest, ca. 1934
  • Watercolour on drawingpaper,
  • estate stamp on the verso
  • 231 × 302 mm
Gabriele Münter- and Johannes Eichner-Foundation, Munich
Gabriele Münter malt Murnau , Schloßmuseum, Murnau 1996,
August-Macke-House, Bonn 1996/97, exhib.-cat. p. 58/59 (ill.)

This watercolour from the same year also demonstrates the clear structures and penetrating fields of colour typical of Münter’s work of the 1930’s.

It shows a field worker returning along the Sollerstreet in Murnau. The red roof of the Landhaus Winkler, then as now a pension hotel, dominates the centre of the picture.

One finds a comparable view of the same street in a photograph of the artist from 1908, likely taken by Wassily Kandinsky.